Wholesale Towel Bleach Resistant Towels

Bleach Resistant Towels- Durable Bleach Proof Color Safe.  All orders are generally shipped same day, if ordered before 2 PM EST.  The only exception to this rule will be if you order an item that is in “back order” status, at which point the item would ship as soon as it becomes available.

Bleach Safe Towels at Wholesale Prices

Nail salons, hair salons and spas are businesses that serve customers needs on a daily basis. Salon and Spa businesses offer services that use a huge number of towels which need to be washed repeatedly daily.  Numerous clients per day can potentially come through a salon or spa, and giving a customer a spotty, oddly colored towel to use is not the professional look that most businesses are striving for.

Finding quality towels that will endure a ton of washings is incredibly important. Salon Towels can become stained very easily or become stained from hair dye, and harsh chemicals.  That is why purchasing towels that are safe to bleach or bleach-resistant is important. Bleach-resistant towels come in multiple color options, such as the popular grey and black, along with several other colors.  When running a business, image and service is everything.  Purchasing bleach resistant towels is a smart investment, as they’ll last for an impressively long time.