Eliminate MRSA with Gym Wipes / Care Wipes Antibacterial formula.  A powerful EPA registered disinfectant wipes in a 800 count bucket super-absorbent 8″ x 6″ x “double-thick” yielding a useful large towelette that stays wet 30% longer) designed to sanitize all hard surfaces found in restaurants, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, daycare facilities, schools, cafeterias and any environment where CLEAN is important. Grocery Stores, Shopping Carts, Daycare Centers, Schools, Offices, Medical Facilities, Restaurants, Physical Therapy, Festivals, and restrooms. Call us with any questions about the best wipes for your facility! Item #: 2XL-350, 800 count.

  • Contains agents that ensure hygiene
  • People feel secure in knowing that hygiene is paramount
  • Quick and easy cleanup anytime
  • One-step; no bottles, sprays, or packets
  • One product cleans all washable surfaces
  • Protective and beneficial to the maintenance of all surfaces
  • Clean-As-You-Go bucket maintains a healthy and sanitary environment
  • Soft and durable towelette that is non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-abrasive
  • Environmentally friendly towelette and solution

The formulation begins to eliminate germs on contact, and once it has fully evaporated, the germ-killing action is complete. Antibacterial Gym Wipes are perfect for controlling and eliminating organisms on high traffic surfaces that people come into contact with everyday.