4 Reasons To Use Bleach Proof Towels In Your Salon

4 Reasons To Use Bleach Proof Towels In Your Salon

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Looking for 4 Reasons To Use Bleach Proof Towels In Your Salon?  Check out a few of those below!

1.) Bleach Proof Towels require a low level of maintenance- Bleach-proof towels don’t need any kind of special treatment to keep their color.  Since they are designed to not bleed or have color fade in the washer. Place them in the washing machine, add in either color safe or standard bleach and detergent, and you are ready to wash your towels.

2.) Bleach Proof Towels last a long time-With this type of towel you are getting a higher quality towel for just a little more money.  Paying a higher price for bleach-resistant towels is the right way to go when you need you towels to last and not lose their color.

3.) They Come in Many Color Options-  For many years, if visiting the salon, the only towel that you would see would likely be white.  With the invention of towels that can withstand bleaching, this is no longer the case.  The most popular colors for salons are black, grey, white, brown, green and finally eggplant.  Our towels are made from 100% ringspun cotton and are sized at 16" x 29."  Some companies will offer smaller towels for similar money, but the 16" x 29" is really the way to go.

4.) Bleach Proof are Budget Friendly- Buy the towel that gets the job done, and the towel that lasts! You can purchase more towels that don't last of find the right towels that last.  Cho Costs are ultimately kept down because these towels are not thrown out as often as non-bleach-resistant towels. If you buy these towels in large quantities at one time with certain providers like Towel Super Center, prices per towel will drop even lower!

Wholesale Towel stocks quality Bleach Proof salon towels with quick shipping and excellent prices!

Bleach Proof Salon Towels at Wholesale Pricing

Hope you enjoyed reading 4 Reasons To Use Bleach Proof Towels In Your Salon! While Bleach Proof Towels are a staple in most salons and at WholesaleTowel.com we have the product knowledge and selection for your facility. If you have any questions about these or any of our products please reach out to us toll free at 800-328-3966.

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