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Wholesale car wash towels, window and body towels, and a wide selection of detailing towels are available from  We carry cotton terry towels in many colors and weights.  We offer a large selection of microfiber towels from cheap microfiber rags to the highest weights on the market we have a microfiber towel to fit your needs.  Do you prefer B grade towels with a spot or cosmetic imperfect.  We have thousands of pounds of these types of terry towels available. Give us a call with any questions!

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Car Wash Detailing Towels

Have questions about what car wash towel is best for you?

There are two popular types of car wash towels that are used in most car washes, cotton terry and microfiber towels.

Cotton Terry Car Wash Towels

Cotton terry car wash towels have been used in the car wash industry for decades.  A popular towel for drying vehicles and for detailing. Quality car wash towels should be durable and soft.  Most of our customers prefer our darker colors, as well. Look to our 16 x 27 hand towels for a nice soft 16 Single Yarn for your car wash needs.

Microfiber Car Wash Towels

In the past decade, Microfiber Towels have become the most widely used towel of detailers nationwide.  Offered in many different weights and qualities, we stock several sizes of microfiber towels including 12×12, 15×18, 16×16, and 16×27.  When choosing the microfiber towels that are best for your car wash, note that the quality of the towels go along with the price.  The better the quality, the more expensive they will be.  However, many microfiber towels can be washed several hundred times before they need to be retired. Use multiple colors for the different aspects of detailing.  Pick one color for interior dash work, one for windows, another for the seats and finally some for the exterior of the car.  All detailers do it a little differently, but you get the point.

How To Launder Carwash Towels

Depending on the type of towels that you prefer you’ll need to pay attention to the ways in which you launder your carwash towels.  Microfiber towels are synthetic towels that have unique cleaning abilities.  Made primarily of polyester, microfiber carwash towels can take hundreds of washes, but in order to maintain their cleaning usefulness please remember the following:

  • Do Not use bleach on microfiber.
  • Do not use fabric softener as it clogs the microfiber.
  • Never dry on high temperatures.
  • Wash microfiber alone.  Do not mix with cotton towels.
  • Use mild detergents

If you have any questions about our towels, please feel free to give us a call!