For each product Wholesale Towel carries, what details we have are explain with the items in the description field. We have provided some additional general care information about selected items below. Please click the heading to toggle open the content. If you have specific questions about Monogramming, Special Orders, Shipping, Return Policy, etc., please refer to the appropriate pages where the relevant information is covered in detail. If you still have questions about anything related to our products, please do not hesitate to call or email us regarding your specific question/comment.

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What are the bulk discounts?

Bulk discounts are available in Wholesale Towel’s shopping cart but are not reflected in the price you see online. If you are looking to place a larger order, please call a Wholesale Towel sales representative at the provided toll free number found on each page. You make also use the Contact Form, where we monitor customer emails daily.

What are methods of payment?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express for immediate shipments. You may also email us a company check in advance to assure expedient delivery. Upon completion of a credit application, we will be happy to bill you for 100 pound orders or greater with terms of net 30 days. For your convenience we also can arrange for ACH transfers.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders received before 2pm EST M-F and paid by credit card, will ship the same day. Printed and custom orders will require additional time to ship. You will be notified of this additional shipping time when you place your order. If you need your order quicker, please call our toll free number and we can provide you with a quote for expedited shipping.

Can I cancel an order I just placed?

As a cost of doing business with Credit Cards, we are charged a percentage and a flat fee on each transaction. The bank does charge us this fee once the order is placed, and again if the order is credited and or refunded. Even if the order is cancelled within minutes of being placed, we are charged both fees. Please be advised, if a order is cancelled, a 5% fee will be withheld.

What is the quality of your towels?

Wholesale Towel premium towels are the thickest, highest quality towels available on the market, as the weight per dozen (on each page) communicates. Our premium quality towels are manufactured by well known manufactures. Once you feel a sample, which we’re happy to send to you, we’re confident that you’ll understand what makes our premium towels unique.

Shrinkage due to washing

As you may be aware, all items that are made of Cotton fibers will result in reasonable amount of shrinkage after the few initial washes. Please adhere to the care instructions to minimize this. 5-7% shrinkage of Cotton products is well within accepted industry standards. Our generously cut robes and towel wraps help allow room for this usual shrinkage.

What are the benefits of a microfiber towel?

The benefits are numerous, that’s why those who frequently travel must have them. They are lightweight & absorbent, and dry extra quickly – more than twice as fast as cotton. Being fast drying, there is less risk they will sit around soggy and become smelly. Microfiber towels are compact and will take up minimal space in any bag. On top of that, our towels look great wherever you take them!

What are some microfiber towels care tips?

  • Use microfiber dry for polishing and dusting. Use slightly damp for cleaning.
  • Wash in either cool water or warm water (approximately 105 degrees or less).
  • Tumble dry low, air dry, or place in an extractor. Please make sure dryer has fully cooled off from previous load.
  • ALWAYS wash colors separately.
  • NEVER use bleach or fabric softener.
  • NEVER iron.
  • NEVER wash microfiber towels with other laundry, especially cotton terry towels. The lint from the other towels will stick to the microfiber and you will have a very hard time getting it off. To keep the wedges intact, it is best to wash microfibers in a full load to ensure less wear and tear.

What are some tips on terry towels and controlling lint?

  • Soak new towels in several gallons of water, along with a cup of ammonia, and leave overnight. Wash the next day with a cup of distilled vinegar and a cup of detergent.
  • Fully dry the towels after the first few washings to collect the excess lint. Empty the lint trap after every load.
  • Never use bleach. Bleach breaks down the cotton fibers, resulting in lint.
  • Avoid washing old towels with new towels.
  • Avoid washing window towels, detail towels and body towels together.
  • Don’t use fabric softener.
  • Use hot water for the first few washings. It will help to break in the towels more quickly. If hot water is not available, bring the towels to a Laundromat or commercial laundry where they can be washed for a minimum of 8 minutes with a water temperature greater than 168 degrees.
  • Use fresh water each laundry load, because reusing water will retain lint.
  • Darker colors take longer to break in then lighter colors or white.
  • Add 1 cup of distilled vinegar once a week. The vinegar will help to remove musty damp smells, and wax build up from the towel.
  • By increasing the alkalinity of the water, you can also help to open the fibers and diminish the sizing during the break-in period.

I don't have a logo for my quarterback towel

If you require design assistance, we are happy to put together an initial design presentation for you and work with you on developing a design that you like. While most our quarterback towel customers already have a logo, sometimes conversion assistance is required. Our design resources are more than happy to assist you in designing a custom towel that you will appreciate.