The Right Salon Towels for Your Business

The Right Salon Towels for Your Business

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Salon Towels

High-quality salon towels  are quite essential when running your salon.  Whether you run a tanning salon, beauty salon, hair salon, spas, towels are an item that you need to present the image you want and the functionality you need.

Wholesale Towel offers a wide verity of towels for your business.  Out vast selection of towel options are manufactured to our specification and sold directly to the end user saving your budget money and offering quick deliveries.

Some important things to remember when it comes to purchasing the correct towels for your salon are:

Ask for samples

Wholesale Towel will provide samples for a nominal fee.  It is important to see and feel towels before purchasing online.  It’s better for all parties to see what they are getting first.

The Popularity of Bleach Resistant Salon Towels

Easily our most popular towel option in the salon world is that of bleach proof salon towels.  Hair salons have plenty of chemicals that are peroxide or chemically based and will remove the color out of the standard towel, which while still functional is not aesthetically pleasing.

How Many Salon Towels Should I Buy?

Our customers typically buy at least a day or two worth of clean salon towels.  Some will buy several days’ worth.  As salons do not want to run out of towels and sometimes things do happen.   A washer or dryer could go down, or it could be just be the busy holiday season.  So if you have room to stock them, we recommend buying enough.

Some other Thoughts on Salon Towels

Most of our clients shy away from economy towels when purchasing towels for their salon.  There are some things that are just worth spending a little bit more money on, and our long time customers say that quality salon towels are worth totally worth it.  You work hard creating a brand and customer loyalty.  A rough, thin or ratty towel will not be enjoyable for your clients.  Make sure you throw away towels or turn them to rags when they start falling apart or look frayed.  Towels can and will wear out over time.  Decent towels should last you well over 125 washes.

Wholesale Towel carries a large selection of towels for your salon.  Please feel free to call us with any questions.

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