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Keep Your Bar and Tables Clean with these Durable Bar Towels

It is always great to have an absorbent bar towel ready to go in any restaurant or bar. Check out our selection of durable bar mop towels that will last! We offer terry bar mops and bar towels in 3 standard colors. We also carry white bar towels and our super-durable Microfiber Bar Towels. Orders ship same day (M-F)

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What kind of towels do bartenders use?

Bar towels also called bar mops, and bar mop towels, are often seen in restaurants, bars, and pubs. They generally are color-coded with a stripe, with some being used as kitchen towels and some as cleaning towels in the front-of-house. Their name originated from their use by bartenders to clean up spills at the bar, as well as, to wipe down glasses and stemware. Bar mop towels give establishments a cheap and economical way to clean and reuse their towels.

What size are bar towels?

A towel bar will generally come in either 16″ x 19″ or 17″ x 20″. However, they are not limited to these sizes.  They can go up to 30″ in length.