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Wholesale Towel Stocks the finest Cotton, Terry, Velour and Waffle Weave Robes. All hotel robes are made in India and are of the highest quality. Robes add a warm and relaxing feel to your hotel, spa, or bed and breakfast. Ask us about embroidery! We offer full embroidery on all robes. Add your property logo for a luxurious feel. Shipped from locations in Indianapolis and Florida.

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Hotel Robes-Great for Guests!

Providing a high level of service is key to getting great guest reviews and providing a quality bathrobe can make the difference.

Bathrobes can add tremendous value for hotel owners and operators. A good-quality and comfortable bathrobe can leave a memorable impact on your guests. When competition for the American dollar, getting a glowing review on social media regarding how soft and plush the bathrobes felt can make the difference in where travelers sleep.  When determining the proper bathrobe for your hotel there are some common factors that may help you decide what you want to provide to you guests.

Hotel robes help to keep people warm after finishing a bath or shower whether it is in a hotel, spa, vrbo or airbnb. Many bathrobes are made of cotton which may come in a traditional terry cloth or waffle weave. Cotton robes are known for absorbing water well. Bathrobes can also keep guests from getting cold when walking around the hotel especially if it is during the morning or evening.

Instead of having guests get chilly while preparing for their day in the morning, they can wear one of the provided bathrobes to help get the day started on the right foot. Guests can wear them around the pool or your spa. Robes allow guests to move around your property while covered up when going to a treatment, or coming from the pool.  With that in mind, a good quality robe can be the difference between a good and great experience for your guests.

Types of Hotel Robes

Terry Robe– Highly absorbent and often 100% cotton.  It is the loops, or pile, which enlarge the surface area of the robe and increase the absorbency to give it more softness. This classic style robe has a belt, pocket(s) and often a shawl collar.

Waffle Robe Absorbent and light.  It has a checkered design, and it’s reputation as a lightweight robe makes it a popular choice for spas and pools.  It works well in warm climates

Velour Robe Absorbent and stretchy.  Velour Robes are sheered cotton, making them feel softer to the touch, and are designed to make ordinary robes feel more luxurious.