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Wholesale Hand Towels 

Our hand towels are offered at the best prices available online, based on equal quality and weights.  As a long time provider (41 years) of towels to many industries including: Gym, Hotel, Spa, Beauty Salon, Tanning and Nail Salon we offer a wide selection!  Check out our various towel sizes such as 15×25 , 16×27 , 16×29, and 16×30 hand towels. At we carry towels in weights ranging from 1.70 lb to 5.00 lb.

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What Are Hand Towels Used For?

Hand towels have many names and are used in many places outside the home. They are weight room towels at the gym,  salon towels when getting your hair done, and at the tanning salon, they are normally the towels left in the bed for customers.  Of course, hand towels are most often associated as the middle sized towel in hotels, and home bathrooms.  These towels have a wide range of uses, going far beyond drying your hands.  Most often this size towel is between 15″ x 25″ and a 16″ x 30.”  They range in may qualities, colors, weights and price points.

At Wholesale Towel, our shipping process is straightforward. All orders are shipped within one business day of the time when they are originally placed. The only exception to this rule will be if you order an item that is in “back order” status, at which point the item would ship as soon as it becomes available.