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Salon Towels from Wholesale Towel are designed to meet the needs of your salon.  Our salon towel offerings work well in many environments, such as nail salons, tanning salons, as well as hair and beauty salons.  The most popular towels for salon type businesses include what is known as a hand towel size.  At Wholesale Towel, we offer several options of white towels from economy to high end, and in colors we offer standard colors in 16 Single Ringspun Yarn, and of course bleach resistant towel options.  Bleach resistant towels cost a bit more but are highly effective in harsh chemical environments such as hydrogen peroxide.

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What are Salon Towels?

Salon Towels come in several sizes, weights, and colors, but generally refer to towels “Used in a Salon.”  Due to the chemicals and hydrogen-peroxide-based products that are used in a salon setting it is vital to use either white towels or colored towels that are marked as bleach-safe, bleach-resistant, or bleach-shield.

Why Should I Salon Towels from

Since 1976, we have offered towels to many industries including salons and barbershops. Wholesale Towel buys directly from the mills and then offers towels directly to your business at wholesale prices. We offer one of the widest selections of towels in range or size, color, and quality in the USA!  With same-day shipping, free samples, and excellent customer service.

What Types of Salon Towels do you offer?

Bleach Safe Towels-Our bleach safe towels are in stock and offered in black, charcoal grey, dark brown, eggplant, hunter green, and navy blue.

Premium White Towels-Our 16×27 4 lb/dz White Hand Towels, or our 16x 27 3 lb/dz White Hand Towels are quite popular with salons and have a soft feel and quality retail finish.

Non-Bleach Safe-Salon Towels– If you are looking for salon towels in colors, that are not bleach-safe we do offer standard salon towels in colors.

Salon Towels from set the standard for hundreds of salons in the USA.  We are a trusted partner and hope to work with you soon!

How Often Should You Wash Salon Towels?

If used in a commercial business setting. Towels should be washed after every patron.

Other tips for your towels.

  • Wash towels separately
  • Use a detergent that kills bacteria
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Dry towels on low-med heat