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Pool Towels in bulk from Wholesale Towel are manufactured to our specifications in India, Bangladesh and the USA.   Our high quality pool towels can be found at resorts and pool side throughout the United States.  Major hotel brands and resorts trust the quality construction of our pool towels to withstand the heavy washing and drying that is found within the resort pool industry.

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Pool Towels in Bulk, What are your resort or hotel needs?

Every resort and hotel property manager understands the importance of having nice pool towels available for their guests.  At Wholesale Towel, we offer pool towels in bulk for your resort or hotel pool.  Offered in many styles and sizes, we stock white and colored bath sheets, cabana bath sheets, Fibertone pool towels from 1888 Mills, and center striped economy towels to fit the budget and requirements of your property.  Purchase your wholesale pool towels from the trusted source in wholesale towels for resorts.  Looking to buy bulk pool towels, we have a huge selection of bulk pool towels for sale at the lowest possible prices.

At we offer quality pool towels at a fair price, with quick shipping!  Keep your clients happy and your property reviews high by showing your guests that you care about their experience.

Pool Towels for Your Resort, What you Clients say…..

In a 2018 customer service report from one of our resort clients in Florida, we were informed that our resort customer learned that having
“large and soft pool towels” available for their guests was one of the top 5 things that they appreciated while on their vacations.  It does make sense that clients visiting a resort with nice pools and on the beach would enjoy having quality towels to use.   We’ve all been to resorts that try to go cheap, and it takes 3 towels to cover 1 lounger.  There are several reasons that many resorts pay a higher cost by going cheap.  Low customer experience is #1.  #2 They are washing and folding many more towels.  (It is often easier to fold one nice towel than 3 smaller towels.)  #3 Our larger and heavier towels are often more durable, so your resort is saving on replacement costs.   So……Get something that will last, and that your guests will appreciate!

Our Bulk Pool Towel Recommendations

Many of our clients do prefer to use our larger bath sheets, and the 32×66 pool towels are a crowd favorite.  Give us a call for large volume quotes. Going with towels shorter then 52″ in length should generally be avoided according to many of our clients.  Stay away from using any 10 single material and be sure to use 16 Single Ring-spun yarn. You get what you pay for! You want your towels to withstand the beating that they take in your laundering process.  If you have questions, please do give us a call.  We are happy to send samples to your facility before your make your investment.