Buy Wholesale Gym Towels in Bulk at Discount Prices!

Gym Towels and Workout Towels

At Wholesale Towel, we supply athletic and  gym towels in various sizes and weights to gyms, health clubs and universities all over the country. We offer wholesale gym towels at affordable prices.  Our gym towels come in smaller sizes ranging from 12×12 washcloths to 16×27 gym towels.  Our larger workout towels are available in 16×30 gym towels, 22×44 gym towels, and 24×48 gym towels.  We also offer the popular 12×44 spinning towel which is long enough for the neck but not too thick.   If you are needing larger workout towels, carry 24×50 gym towels, 25×54 gym towels and 27×54 gym towels.   We stock the largest colored gym towel collection that we know of.  If there is something you don’t see, please give us a call!