13×13 Color Washcloths, 1.50 lb/dz

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13×13 Color Washcloths, 1.50 lb/dz


Choosing one equals one dozen (12).

  • Spa Quality Washcloths
  • Sold by the dozen (12)
  • Weight of 1.50 lbs/doz
  •  16S Ring Spun, 100% cotton


13×13 Color Washcloths, 1.50 lb/dz

Wholesale Towel’s quality 13 x 13 washcloths are just right from most applications! These washcloths are 100% cotton and feature a plush, ring-spun design with a beautiful dobby border. Our 13×13 quality washcloths are available at wholesale prices in the following colors: black, brown, tan, grey, and navy blue. These washcloths are perfect for gold clubs, locker rooms, spas, salons, home use, and everything in between. Hemmed tightly on all four edges to prevent raveling or fraying. They are made to be highly absorbent and soft.

Machine washable. These washcloths are made at just the right thickness to dry fast.

• Hotel Quality Washcloths
• Sold by the dozen (12)
• 1.50 lbs/doz
• 16S Ring Spun, 100% cotton
• Hemmed on all 4 sides
• Plush feel, durability, and absorbency
• Rich cam border appearance

Need a smaller washcloth? Check out our 12″x12″ Standard 1 lb Washcloths (Link to the 12×12 color)

Additional information

Weight1.6 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 8 in

Black, Brown, Navy, Grey, Tan

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