Whether you are a hotel, inn, B&B or any business that uses large quantities of towels on a daily basis, purchasing wholesale towels is a necessity for maintaining your inventory of fresh towels. Imagine if a hotel had to provide its guests with hand towels for their shower because they had run out of bath towels. It would ruin their reputation!


This is why choosing the right wholesale towel supplier for your business is important. You will be able to provide your customers with the level of service they expect from your hotel. Here are five things to consider when choosing the right wholesale towels for your business:



Cost is one of the main considerations when choosing the right wholesale towels for your business. If you are going to be purchasing large quantities of towels then it makes sense to do so through a wholesaler, rather than a retail outlet. You will be able to access wholesale rates and this will keep your business costs under control.



The quality of a towel depends on the fabric used, its size, how it’s constructed, and its weight measured in grams per square meter or GSM. Generally, most businesses will find the quality of cotton towels suitable for their business needs. 100% ring-spun cotton towels are soft to the touch and provide maximum comfort, open-end towels are still good, but not quite the quality of ring-spun. Ringspun towels are the ideal wholesale towels for businesses with an upscale clientele.


Although they are not as soft as cotton towels, cotton and polyester blends are also popular because they are durable and longer-lasting.


Shipping Time

Knowing the shipping time for your wholesale towels will allow you to plan ahead when making buying decisions for your stock so that you don’t run out of towels before the delivery arrives. Also, if you need an emergency replenishment of your stock (for example, if a large number of towels are permanently stained by guests), finding a supplier with a fast shipping and multiple locations is handy.



Ensure that your business has every type of towel it needs to operate successfully, whether it is a bath towelhand towelpool towel or washcloth. Although some types of towels, such as bath towels, are common and stocked by most wholesalers others might be more difficult to find. For example, pool towels and bath sheets may only be available from wholesalers who deal with hotels and resorts.



Accessing bulk amounts of towels ensures you have an adequate quantity for your business to function. Retail outlets and small distributors may not have the ability to fulfill your order so it’s best to purchase through a wholesaler such as Wholesale Towel.


When choosing the right wholesale towels for your business, you need to consider the cost, quality, type, shipping time and quantity of the towels. Alllow Wholesale Towel to help you replenish your stock levels, browse our selection of wholesale towels here:
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