Fingertip Towels

Fingertip Towels

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What are Fingertip Towels Used For?

A Fingertip towel is generally used for the same reason a hand towel would, for drying hands.  In gyms, and clubs fingertip towels may also substitute for the 16x27 hand towel size. Fingertip towels are small, lightweight and useful in many applications.

What is the size of a Fingertip towel?

Most fingertip towels are approximately 11” x 18” and noticeably smaller than a hand towel which are generally 16” x 27” in size.  Both towels are rectangular, but the size difference is quite noticeable.  Many of our gym customers prefer hand towels over fingertips due to the weight and durability of a hand towel, if one buys quality products.  Fingertip towels are excellent for high loss facilities due to the low price point.

Where did the Fingertip Towel originate?

Fingertip towels are most often used in homes and athletic facilities in today’s modern world.  However, the origination of the Fingertip Towel comes from having a towel of this similar size offered with a fingerbowl that contained water and was placed on the dining room table, or in a restaurant.  This allowed the guests or patrons to be able to clean their fingers and dry their hands without ever leaving the table.  While common for many decades, this in not common place in today’s advanced societies.

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Fingertip Towel Options
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