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September 24, 2017/ GYM WIPES

How to keep members using your gym or fitness facility safe and healthy should be a goal of every gym owner of manager. If gym equipment, mats, and free weights in your fitness center are not well maintained or hygienic,  it could reflect badly on your fitness center. Using gym wipes in your fitness center is an excellent solution for this. Here are four ways gym wipes make your fitness center healthier:


They Kill Bacteria And Keep Your Fitness Center Hygienic

Bacteria grows in warm and moist environments. This makes your fitness center a  highly potential breeding ground for bacteria, if sweat accumulates on exercise machines and benches. Antibacterial gym wipes can help disinfect surfaces that come into contact with sweat, and keep your gym clean and hygienic.


They Keep Your Fitness Center Safe From Injury

Gym wipes not only keep your fitness center hygienic, they also keep it safe. As gym equipment becomes slippery from sweat, they can become dangerous to operate. Slippery treadmills, elliptical machines, or seats make it difficult to properly grip equipment and this could cause an accident. Using disinfectant wipes to wipe away sweat on equipment helps to prevent injuries and keeps your members safe.

Gym Wipes Save Your Facility Money

The saying, "Pay me now or pay me later." is a great one with it comes to maintenance in a gym.  The cost of a good commercial treadmill can be close to or exceed $10,000, now-a-days.  If your members clean the equipment after use it not only reduces the bio-load, but it wipes away the acidity of the perspiration left by your patrons.  Gym wipes and providing towels are a solid way to save your equipment.


They Are Safer To Use Than Some Harsh Chemical Sprays

Spray cleaners are a common alternative to gym wipes. Although they are effective in removing bacteria, they can have negative effects if not used properly. For example, they could be accidentally sprayed onto a gym member nearby causing a chemical reaction on their skin, or cause an unhealthy cloud of fumes.

Additionally, some sprays and other gym wipes contain alcohol and phenols which could cause damage to electronic components on fitness machines. They also cause metal parts to rust, making them dangerous to operate. 2xl  Gym wipes are a safer solution since there are no dangerous fumes, and they don’t contain alcohol and phenols.


Types Of Gym Wipes To Provide In Your Fitness Center

Some gym wipes are used purely for cleaning dirt and sweat away, while others contain antibacterial ingredients for disinfecting surfaces. Since disinfecting an area can take up to 10 minutes, it can be impractical to use these wipes during busy periods.


2xl's  gymwipes advantage wipes bucket is great for use during busy periods, to wipe away sweat and body oils, and prevent odors from occurring. Since they are in a portable bucket, you can strategically place them at high-use areas of your fitness center. For a cost effective solution, consider buying 2xl-38-gym wipe professional refills. You can use them to replenish buckets or wall mounted dispensers.


You should also disinfect equipment at least twice a day. This is where an antibacterial gym wipes bucket comes in handy. These wipes are EPA registered disinfectant wipes, and can help kill 99.9% of germs that cause illness, keeping your fitness center a clean and hygienic place.


As you can see, gym wipes keep your fitness center hygienic, safe from injury and are safer than using chemical sprays. Keep your gym a healthy place and take a look at our selection of wholesale gym wipes: https://wholesaletowel.com/category-gym-wipes/

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