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Wholesale Towel offers wall-mounted gym wipe dispensers that provide a convenient way for gym-goers to clean the surrounding area, sports equipment, and fitness machines after use. These dispensers are designed to dispense one wipe at a time and are easy to refill. In addition to gym wipes, Wholesale Towel is a wholesale supplier of bulk cotton wiping cloths and other cleaning and wiping products.

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Wholesale Towel offers a range of Gym Wipe dispensers that are designed to make it easy for gym-goers to keep their workout area clean and hygienic. The dispensers are available in both floor and wall mount options, and can be used with our 2XL Wipes. These wipes are effective at removing sweat and bacteria from surfaces, helping to prevent the spread of infections.

To encourage gym members and staff to use gym wipes, it's important to make them easily accessible. Our wipe dispensers are designed to do just that. We offer three main types of dispensers: stand, bucket, and wall dispenser. Each one is easy to install and refill, making it simple to keep your gym clean and hygienic.