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Bar Mop Towels-Center Stripe-17x20, 30oz

Bar Mop Towels-Center Stripe-17x20, 30oz

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Categories: Bar Towels, Center Striped & Offset Striped Gym Towels

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Bar Towels & Bar Mops

These professional quality restaurant Wholesale Towel Striped Bar Mop Towels are 17" x 20" and are white with a green center stripe, blue center stripe or gold center stripe. 100% Cotton Center Stripe bar towels are made to stand commercial and institutional use. Superior construction and weight combine for a more absorbent and durable towel. Superior construction and weight combine for a more absorbent and durable towel. Soft and absorbent terry or ribbed construction will do all the cleaning and wiping jobs in restaurants, hotels, resorts, bar and schools.

  • Multiple Color Stripe Options to separate by departments

  • 17" x 20" Striped Bar Mop Towels

  • 100% Cotton

  • Machine Washable

  • Identifiable in 3 center stripe colors- Blue, Green, Gold

  • 30 oz Bar Mop, 1.875 lbs/dz

  • Great for wiping down equipment in athletics, gyms, restaurants and food establishments, cleaning tanning beds, counter tops and more.

  • Not a soft towel for the face, as it has very little cotton terry loop

  • Comes compressed packed in bales. Wash to fluff.

What are Bar Towels?

Over the years, we've all gone into restaurants and have seen bartenders, and wait staffs cleaning with a type of cleaning towel. These towels are smaller cotton terry towels, that have a stripe going down the middle of the towel. Most of the time they are sized about 17" x 20". Bar towels generally a low lint type of towel, and are absorbent and durable.

Utilizing a color coded method, these bar towels are used for cleaning pots and pans, bar tops, tables, glasses and more. The color codes helps to reduce cross contamination and keep towels in the correct area.

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