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16x27 Color Hand Towels-3.25 lb/dz

16x27 Color Hand Towels-3.25 lb/dz

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100% Ring-Spun Cotton. Choosing “1” quantity equates to one dozen.

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Bulk Gym Towels | Wholesale Hand Towels

Wholesale Towel’s16x27 Color 100% Ring-Spun Cotton Hand Towels are used widely by sports clubs, athletic teams, health & fitness centers, golf clubs, professional sports teams, gyms, training facilities, community centers, pools, spas, resorts, YMCA’s, detention centers, physical therapy centers, colleges, universities and schools across the United States and military bases around the world.

This 3.25 lb. towel features a premium medium-weight design for maximum absorbency and comfort. As a result, these towels are softer and more absorbent than hand towels made from cotton blends. The construction features a dobby border that adds a luxurious touch to an already quality hand towel. The manufacturing of this towel is free from any harmful chemical or synthetic material, thus making this a healthy choice.

  • 18 Colors from which to Choose

  • 16″ x 27″

  • Weight-3.25 lb/DZ

  • 100% Ring-Spun Cotton

  • For best use, wash separately on first use. You may see some lint on the first wash which will diminish after each washing. This will not affect the look, feel, or performance of your towels.

A great way to separate your team's towels as well as offer something other than “plain old white.” Large enough to take care of most athletes without adding a large amount of drying time to your cycles. Decorative dobby border lends to a better-looking and resilient towel.

Wholesale Towel strives to bring you the best product at the best prices. With our wholesale advantage, you are able to buy in bulk. Wholesale prices ensure you get a premier product at a discount price. Feel free to contact us if you require assistance:

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