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Easyflo Bucketless Mop Handle

Easyflo Bucketless Mop Handle

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SKU: M700090

Categories: Microfiber Mops and Floor Cleaning, Wholesale Towel Microfiber Mops


Easyflo Bucketless Mop Handle

The Easyflo wet mopping and floor finish applicator reduces labor, increases productivity, streamlines clean-up, and eliminates waste. Monarch has designed and built these mops to last.

  • Covers up to 3000 square feet

  • Features ergonomic palm trigger mechanism and aluminum frame

  • Comes with easy connect and disconnect 28oz. refill bottle

  • Fits all size frames.

  • Pad/frame are sold separately

  • Sold 24 Per Case

  • Mfg. Part # M700090

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