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Oxford Hotel Soaps

Oxford Hotel Soaps

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100% Vegetable Based Green Tea and Citrus Extract Liquid Soaps.

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Ganesh Mills Oxford Super Blend Green Tea and Citrus Extract MMXIX candy wrapped liquid facial soap. The crisp, invigorating Green Tea and Citrus Extract fragrance has a unisex appeal. Rejuvenate the body and mind with this moisturizing combination. Featuring a contemporary, clean and fresh look that reflects the natural purity of the pristine ingredients sourced, this collection is extremely affordable.

Oxford's high quality milky smooth formula will leave your guest feeling hydrated, nourished, rejuvenated, and calm. Oxford Super Blend are high-quality liquid formulas in biodegradable packaging. Squeezable tubes for easier and neater product dispensing and application. Recommended for all types of hotels, resorts, motels and any type of vacation rental.

Soap Fluid Packs:
SKU: SBV75 - Candy Wrapped Facial Soap 0.42 oz. 12gm (1,000 EA/Carton)
SKU: SBV125 - Candy Wrapped Body Soap 0.74 oz. 21gm (500 EA/Carton)
SKU: SBV150 - Massage Bar 1.23 oz. 35gm (500 EA/Carton)

Amenities 1 fl. oz Tube:
SKU: SBSH-1 - Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash 1 oz. (288 EA/Carton)
SKU: SBLO-1 - Hand and Body Lotion 1 oz. (288 EA/Carton)
  • 100% Vegetable Based Soaps
  • Beautiful Transparent Aquatic Colors
  • Easier Clean Up than Bar Soap
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