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Oxford Momie 20x20 White Table Napkins

Oxford Momie 20x20 White Table Napkins

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100% Cotton Napkin with Hemmed Edge. Price reflects 1 dozen. Sold by 50-dozen carton minimum.

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Ganesh Mills Oxford Super Blend™ 100% Cotton Momie Table Napkins are made of 180 GSM cotton momie weave with a mercerized route. 100% cotton with a traditional crepe weave and a distinctive texture.

Momie cloth is made by using cotton, rayon, or silk in warp and wool in weft. It is woven with granite weave, also called Momie weave, that forms a crepe texture. The weave is tight and interlaced and warp and weft, both visible on the face in the shape of small and irregular pebbles.

Mid quality dinner napkins for a restaurant, wedding, or special event. These napkins are stiff "out of the box" because starch is used during manufacturing. They soften after first wash.

  • Sold by 50-dozen carton.
  • 100% Cotton Momie Table Linen
  • Distinctive Silky Texture
  • Greater Durability
  • Hemmed edge
  • Traditional Crepe Weave of Cotton
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