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Oxford Shower Curtains

Oxford Shower Curtains

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Ganesh Mills Oxford Shower Curtains provide fresh style and sophistication to your bathroom. Our high-quality hook-free shower curtain with a removable snap-in liner is optional are easy to clean and replace if it gets dirty. Available as solid color for privacy or with a sheer window along the top to let the light in while maintaining privacy. Reinforced top with 10 openings for a typical 1 inch wide shower rod.

Featuring an innovative ringless design, this shower curtain simply threads onto your shower rod, eliminating the need for shower curtain rings and the hassles that come along with them. Its weighted bottom hem keeps the curtain in place, protecting floors from water and your guests from potential hazards. Hookless weighted bottom hem and water repellent polyester. Machine washable and hospitality durable.

Solid Color:
SKU: WHNP7174 White - 71" x 74" (12 EA/Carton)
SKU: BHNP7174 Beige - 71" x 74" (12 EA/Carton)

With 12" Sheer Voile Window:
SKU: WH7174 White - 71" x 74" (12 EA/Carton)
SKU: BH7174 Beige - 71" x 74" (12 EA/Carton)

With 12" Sheer Voile Window & Removable Liner:
SKU: WHL7174 White - 71" x 74" (12 EA/Carton)
SKU: BHNPL7174 Beige - 71" x 74" (12 EA/Carton)
  • Water Repellent Polyester
  • Hookless Weighted Bottom Hem
  • Measures 70" W x 72" L
  • 100% Polyester
  • 14lb / 90 GSM Fabric Weight
Shower Curtains Options Include:
  • White or Beige Colors
  • No Window or 12" Sheer Voile Top Window
  • With Removable Liner or Without
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