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Wholesale Towel News

Wholesale Towel suppliers are not all the same.  If you are Buying Towels in Wholesale or Bulk, we offer the complete guide to finding the right towels for your hotel, spa, massage studio, gym, athletic department, business or home. We want to provide your with the best advice, information, and tips on buying towels and laundry supplies in bulk quantities on our blog.

4 Reasons To Use Bleach Proof Towels In Your Salon

Looking for 4 Reasons To Use Bleach Proof Towels In Your Salon?  Check out a few of those below! 1.) Bleach Proof Towels require a low level of maintenance- Bleach-proof towels don’t need any kind of special treatment to keep their color.  Since they are designed to not bleed or have color fade in the washer. Place them in the washing machine, add in either color safe or standard bleach and detergent, and you are ready to wash your towels. 2.) Bleach Proof Towels last a long time-With this type of towel you are getting a higher quality towel for just a little more money.  Paying a higher price for bleach-resistant towels is the right way to go when you need you towels to last and not lose their color. 3.) They Come in Many Color Options-  For many years, if visiting the salon, the only towel that you [...]

How Do I Get My Salon Towels To Last?

Wholesale Towel stocks quality salon towels with quick shipping and excellent prices! Salon Towels at Wholesale Pricing Looking for towels for your facility?  We know that keeping your salon running smoothly means hiring a great staff, having a good location, and providing your clients with the service that they expect.  By using bleach safe towels from, you will make your business run a little more smooth while saving some long term profits.   If you purchase quality towels, you'll find that they last longer while providing a soft and absorbent feel for your clients. Wholesale Towel is the online home of wholesale towels, and as a direct importer our cost savings are passed on directly to your salons and spas. Bleach Proof Towels Bleach Proof Towels are a staple in most salons.  Without using these specific towels, standard towels can lose their color quickly due to the harsh chemicals [...]

The Right Salon Towels for Your Business

Salon Towels High-quality salon towels  are quite essential when running your salon.  Whether you run a tanning salon, beauty salon, hair salon, spas, towels are an item that you need to present the image you want and the functionality you need. Wholesale Towel offers a wide verity of towels for your business.  Out vast selection of towel options are manufactured to our specification and sold directly to the end user saving your budget money and offering quick deliveries. Some important things to remember when it comes to purchasing the correct towels for your salon are: Ask for samples Wholesale Towel will provide samples for a nominal fee.  It is important to see and feel towels before purchasing online.  It’s better for all parties to see what they are getting first. The Popularity of Bleach Resistant Salon Towels Easily our most popular towel option in the salon world is that of bleach [...]

Fingertip Towels

What are Fingertip Towels Used For? A Fingertip towel is generally used for the same reason a hand towel would, for drying hands.  In gyms, and clubs fingertip towels may also substitute for the 16x27 hand towel size. Fingertip towels are small, lightweight and useful in many applications. What is the size of a Fingertip towel? Most fingertip towels are approximately 11” x 18” and noticeably smaller than a hand towel which are generally 16” x 27” in size.  Both towels are rectangular, but the size difference is quite noticeable.  Many of our gym customers prefer hand towels over fingertips due to the weight and durability of a hand towel, if one buys quality products.  Fingertip towels are excellent for high loss facilities due to the low price point. Where did the Fingertip Towel originate? Fingertip towels are most often used in homes and athletic facilities in today’s modern [...]

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