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If you’re a health club or gym owner, meeting the fitness needs of your members is vital to the success of your business. A gym that thrives anticipates the needs of their members and provides all the amenities they require for a successful workout.

Gym towels are an essential need for gym-goers, however, it can be a hassle for them to bring to the gym themselves. Its a fact ,that gyms that provide towel service have a higher customer satisfaction rate. Having towel service is a convenient and time-saving solution that members will appreciate.  Also, this focus on customer service will keep clients coming back to your gym time and time again.

Buying gym towels in bulk is an economical way to meet the basic needs of gym-goers. Whether the towels are being used for wiping sweat away, in the shower,  or drying hands in the washroom, offering good quality towels is an absolute necessity. Here are 4 types of gym towels in bulk that all gyms should own:

Economy Center Stripe Gym Towels

The cost of purchasing, washing and distributing bath towels prevents most gyms from providing a towel service. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Our center striped gym towels are a cost-effective solution for gyms who want to provide towel service. They are made of 100% cotton, easily identifiable, and are available at an affordable price.

Premium White Bath Towels

For upscale facilities, clubs and studios, bath towels are provided for convenience. After a workout, gym members enjoy taking a shower before heading off to work or home. Providing bath towels is a service that they will appreciate.  Premium white bath towels are made from ring spun cotton, so they are soft and provide maximum comfort.

Workout/ Hand Towels

Equipment cleanliness and hygiene are two of the main factors why hand towels should be provided to your patrons. Having hand towels readily available increases the likelihood that members will wipe down equipment after use. They also make good sweat towels to use while working out. Since they become soiled, it makes sense to stock up on this towel by buying our gym towels in bulk.


Washcloths are super inexpensive and are used in the shower for lathering and scrubbing. Since they can only be used once, and need to be laundered, it makes sense to buy them in bulk so that they are available for members.  Colored washcloths offer easy tracking and less staining.

Microfiber  Cleaning Towels

Microfiber towels are a type of gym towel that are popular among athletic facility managers because of their absorbent and durable cleaning properties. Wholesale Towel's microfiber towels generally consist of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide material which makes them absorbent for cleaning up grimy sweat and water, while still being lightweight and compact. The material is strong, durable, and lint-free so they’ll last longer and save you money on replacement costs.

The microfiber material picks up dirt and dust easily while drying the surface at the same time, making them ideal for wiping down benches, mirrors and gym equipment. They also dry faster than cotton towels.

Having your gym well stocked with towels is part of providing your gym members and staff with all the equipment they need for a successful workout. Wholesaletowel.com stocks towels for every workout need. Take a look at our gym towels in bulk quantities:


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